Author, YouTube Creator, Mindset Mentor, Online Business Coach, and Unapologetic Wealth Advocate For Social Workers 


I teach social workers how to achieve financial freedom by creating profitable online businesses they love.

Seeing social workers thrive is my joy, and it’s my mission to help you thrive in business and in  life. Stick with me and I’ll show you how.

My Story

Before I authored How NOT to Practice Social Work, before my YouTube videos had been shared in classrooms and work-spaces around the world, and before I coached social workers on how to start and grow online businesses that aligned with their authentic selves, I found myself at the end of my rope – all because I wasn’t making the amount of money that allowed me to live beyond survival mode (let alone thrive). 

So when a hurricane took half of the roof off of my home in Jamaica and I didn’t have the money to repair it, I borrowed $10,000 USD to get it fixed.

What I didn’t know was that my “lack” and “scarcity mentality”, not me, was in control.  

Not only did I subsequently lose the bulk of that money in an ill-fated investment, but I was plunged further into debt and anxiety because of the added interest I’d agreed to pay.

At the time I knew nothing about online business; all I knew was that there had to be a way for me to gain financial freedom and that I was going to figure out how and share it with fellow social workers.  

Which leads us to today and this site. 

Now after years of learning, sharing, and trial and error in my own business, I’m making good on my promise and helping motivated social workers who want more money and more freedom to leverage their skills and create online businesses that align with who they truly are. 

I believe wholeheartedly that in order for you to be as impactful and empowering as you’re called to be, you should enjoy the work you do, be able to prioritize self care, and earn the amount of money that represents your value in society. You too?

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Fun Facts:


Which explains my fierce authenticity, fascination with learning, and my unrelenting belief in possibilities for my self and my clients.

i believe in a higher power

And am constantly in awe of people, nature, and synchronizations that show up in everyday life. No way can it all just be happenstance. 🤷🏽

personal development is my addiction

Which, when you think about it, is the best type of addiction to have because not only does it help me, but it helps me help my clients even better!

i'm an heiress

Because my grandmother left me a home and property in Jamaica when she passed away. Thanks, grandma!

I lived in taiwan

And I even speak enough Mandarin Chinese to have a basic conversation. My dream would be to become fluent and translate for the UN or some other globally-impactful organization.

traveling is my jam

But, seriously, who doesn't love to travel? The only difference is that I like to live in the places I travel to (like that time I visited Costa Rica for 3 months).

Sweats are a gift from god

And if it weren't for the need to show up on camera each week like a semi well-dressed person, I'd live in them. They're just sooo cozy!

I'm a "mimi"

Because I have a daughter who has a son, and I'm just too diva to be called "grandma" just yet. 😉

What They Said

Eva, my group is full, client caseload as well, and I couldn’t help but think about how you influenced me! I've been using so many of the techniques that you've shared. I knew a few things but I was not executing. You helped me bring it together, and you made things real when you broke them down and performed right in my face. You helped me to build confidence to do this stuff and make it look good. You helped me to understand the value and the importance of paying for growth and knowledge. I’m now working for myself full time, my wife has come home, I am full on clients. Just wanted to reach out and thank you for your gift. Coaching has been one of my best investments concerning my business.
Working with Eva has increased my confidence and validated that I can be a Rich Social Worker. She's given me the tools and strategies to start and grow my business. Each week she provided a really positive atmosphere with other people who are working to build successful businesses as well and even got me to host my own 6-day summit. Wow! I would recommend her coaching to other social workers who are tired of the monotony, tired of working for other people; they want to be successful but they don't know how to. Eva will give them the tools that they need.

I’m passionate about helping social workers improve their money mindsets and start businesses that allow them to thrive. When you become an RSW Insider you get exclusive access to wealth mindset & business-building content that I don’t share on the web. Join me!

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