Rich Social Worker Coaching
Terms & Conditions

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power.” ….Lao Tzu



This is an agreement between Eva Forde and the client for professional coaching services.

Here are some principles that guide how we will work together to ensure you achieve what is most important to you. If you have any questions regarding these we can discuss them further. Likewise, if you want to include other items, please don’t hesitate to raise them.



My job as your coach is to be 100% committed to you getting clear on your goals, helping you identify what blocks you from achieving them, working with you to create a workable plan of action, and providing support and accountability to accomplish what you want. I will bring my full range of skills, experience, training and expertise to serve you to the best of my abilities. Coaching sessions will focus on empowering your mindset and reinforcing empowering behaviors.

Throughout the coaching process you can expect me to:

1.   Be your confidant, ally, supporter, truth teller and sounding board.

2.   Provide an environment that supports the coaching process and effective collaboration.

3.   Be very direct, straightforward and honest.

4.  Ask clarifying questions and making empowering requests that support YOUR desired outcome and to coach you to stay clear, focused and proactive.

5.  Strengthen personal accountability by following up with you regarding the status and outcome of your action plans.

6.  Support you to evaluate the value coaching is providing you.

7.  Adhere and abide by the Global Code of Ethics for Coaches, Mentors and Supervisors.


The client understands that:

  1. This professional coaching relationship is designed to facilitate the development of professional, business or personal goals and to develop and carry out a strategy/plan for achieving those goals.
  2. Coaching is a comprehensive process that may address ANY area of my life, including specific career aspirations, business projects, leadership or personal topics such as finances, health, and/or relationships.
  3. The client acknowledges that they are engaging in coaching to make significant changes in their life and that deciding how to handle these issues, incorporate coaching into those areas, and implement their choices is exclusively their responsibility.
  4. Some changes will occur quickly while others take time; because change is cumulative, the client is committing to a 3 month term. This allows for the coaching relationship to develop momentum and power and to support the client collaboratively to break through any barriers to success.
  5. The power of the coaching relationship can only be granted by the client — and the client agrees to do just that — empower the relationship to be successful. If the coaching is not working as desired, the client agrees to communicate with Eva and proactively take necessary actions to redesign the coaching relationship to meet their changing needs.
  6. Eva will challenge the client with powerful questions, make requests to take action when they have identified something that is important to them and/or brings them closer to their goals, and hold them accountable to their commitments.
  7. Coaching is not a substitute for professional advice or counsel by legal, medical, psychological, financial, business, or other qualified professionals. The client will seek independent professional guidance for legal, medical, psychological, financial, business, or other matters. The client understands that all decisions in these areas are exclusively theirs and they acknowledge that their decisions and actions regarding them are their sole responsibility.

So that this coaching will best meet the client’s needs, the client agrees to:

1. Share what they know about their own motivation, patterns of beliefs and behaviors.

2. Be as honest and disclosing as possible with themself and their coach, Eva.

3. Take responsibility for bringing coaching issues or topics to the appointments.

4. Fulfill commitments they make to complete actions within the agreed upon time.

5. Give Eva permission to be direct with them, challenge them, and hold them accountable to what they say they will do.

6. Remember that Eva is committed to their development, goals, and success.

7. Receive feedback and hard-hitting or provocative questions with an open mind.

8. Experiment with new ways of doing things or thinking about things – whether these are proposed by the coach or me.

9. Take action and request changes to the coaching relationship if and when I am not getting what I need or want from the relationship.

10. Bring 100% of myself to each session and engage fully in this coaching relationship for a minimum of 3 months.

PROCESS Our coaching sessions will be conducted by Hangouts, Zoom, Skype, telephone or in person. We will meet at an agreed-upon location – online or in person – at your scheduled appointment time. Ideally, we will set aside a regular time and day to coach. We can adapt the frequency and duration of the sessions at any time if your needs change. Your fee will be adjusted accordingly.

Our initial term will be either one 90-minute session or for 3 months. 

The cost of a 90-Minute session will be absorbed into the cost of a 3-month package if you decide to upgrade your package.  After that, you may coach month to month. If you are late for an appointment, your session will be shortened accordingly. All telephone charges are the client’s responsibility. If I am traveling we will either change your appointment time or you can call me while I am on the road. The final call at the conclusion of the coaching relationship will be a formal completion call.


  • Fees are paid upfront and in full prior to the start of the coaching relationship.
  • Fees can be paid by direct deposit or via PayPal. PayPal payments will incur an additional 4% service charge.
  • We can reschedule any appointment without penalty with sufficient advance notice. (If you have an emergency, we’ll work around it.)
  • If you must cancel a call, we will make it up by rebooking or adding extra time to other calls.
  • Missing an appointment without 24 hours advanced notice of the last business day- is considered Coaching time used.
  • The final session at the conclusion of the coaching relationship will be taken as formal completion call.


Clients may be supported between live calls via emails, texts, and voice notes. Clients may also call between scheduled calls in the event that an urgent issue needs to be addressed immediately. However, these calls are to be kept to a minimum and should not exceed 10 minutes.


All information provided by the client will be kept strictly confidential except as otherwise authorized in writing by the client, or when state/provincial or federal laws have been violated. Absolutely no confidential information or content of the coaching sessions will be disclosed or shared by the coach. Certain topics may be anonymously and/or hypothetically shared with other coaching professionals for training and/or consultation purposes. All documents, tools or methodologies are provided to the client by Eva are exclusively for the personal use between the client and Eva. As they are protected under copyright law, they are not for distribution or use outside of this coaching relationship.

By purchasing a coaching package, the client acknowledges that they understand and agree to the above. The client accepts full responsibility for creating the results they want for themselves and will fully participate in creating them. Prior to disclosing my active or previous client status, Eva will request my permission to do so. I understand, regardless, that Eva will respect my privacy by keeping all information shared strictly confidential.