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Living Richly From the Inside Out: My Interview With Karlecia Swan

I always love to hang out with social workers – so much fun and self-awareness in one place it’s intoxicating.

But I especially love when I get to hang out with old classmates who have gone on to do great things. Being with those people really helps me to put my journey into perspective because I get to see how far we’ve all come.

And on that note, I recently had the great pleasure of hanging out with one of my former classmates, Karlecia Swan. Karlecia and I would often sit near to each other in class and subsequently end up running role plays and group projects together. Hashtag What-were-we-supposed-to-be-learning-again?

Thanks to the invention of Facebook I’ve been able to keep up with Karlecia’s personal and professional accomplishments like the launch of her nonprofit, 1st Lady Empowerment Foundation, her various commercial appearances, and her amazing fitness journey (60 lbs and counting!).

We recently got a chance to catch up on old times and, despite recently leaving her 14-year-span social work position, she shares her journey into wealth from the inside out and what living richly means to her. You’ll want to watch the entire interview.

Not only can living richly from the inside out bring more wealth to you, it’s the one that makes all the money you’ll make in the future worthwhile.

How about you? What is one thing that you’ll take away from Karlecia’s message today? Let me know in the comments and share the wealth around.

See you at the top!

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