Energy, Mindset, and Starting Lucrative Business: My Interview With Rich Social Worker Melanie Yost

If you have a dream of someday owning your own business or, at the very least, earning more money by using your existing skills, then do I have the girl for you!

I recently snagged a Google+ Hangout on Air interview with one of my heroines, Melanie Yost. Melanie is not only a licensed clinical social worker, but she’s living the dream: earning money from packaging her social work skills to help more and more people – and without the traditional cap on her salary. I’d call that pretty awesome!

melanie capture Melanie truly exemplifies the Rich Social Worker philosophy, and she confirms the belief that wealth for the social worker or helping professional is entirely attainable! *Woot, Woot!* (click here to watch the interview)

So grab a pen and paper and get ready to take notes because there WILL be a test, and tell us in the comments what has been your biggest obstacle to reaching your goal. Also, if you’ve had success in overcoming a block for yourself, please share them with our readers below.

Thanks so much for being a part of this community. You’re richer than you think.

With love and gratitude, and to your rich life!
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